"I've only been out of the country once before: in a canoe on the border of Canada."

Thursday, July 14, 2016

ไปเที่ยวภาคเหนือ Northern trip!

Fun festival with northern food


The thing in the background reminds me of something from a Miazaki film

Bus rides for days...

How the paper for umbrellas is made. And sas Dos.

Our finished painted umbrellas 

Restaurant by the lake

Plate machine, makin' plates all day

I shared my Burmese Tanaka paint with Adeeb


Red ant eggs cooked into regular eggs, excellent.

Natsuko modeling the King's tower

Killin' it

Not to be outdone...

Paopao ai sas



Oops sun went down no more good photos

Flag party

Vacation with Pah Sam 

Aw little tiny deer

Gromp gromp gromp


senior photos

Chelsie got adopted